Hunger is a worldwide issue caused by several factors. These include poverty, food shortages, war & conflict and climate change. Children are the most vulnerable as if they are not getting enough food and nutrients from the start of their life, then they may develop malnutrition which may have lifelong consequences.

Educating, training and supplying the right aids and tools will enable families to assist in overcoming these challenges and give babies and infants the right start in life.


KD Foundation was established by a small team of dedicated individuals who believed with a little hard work they could set to change the lives of so many vulnerable and disadvantaged people. With one goal in mind to prevent and or relief poverty worldwide. They set about organising mass feedings and emergency food. Financial grants empowering individuals to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. With the support of so many organisation and individuals we are able to commit to introduce new campaigns and fight to end poverty. 


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